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mission is to prevent the inhumane slaughter and abuse of horses through rescue and rehabilitation, and our objective is to rehabilitate and place horses in forever, loving homes.  In addition, we aim to educate new horse owners on the proper care of their horses.  Finally, we educate the general public on issues of abuse and slaughter of horses in hopes that these issues will someday be resolved and all horses will have a brighter future.

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Project Sage Horse Rescue is a New York state Certified non-profit organization and a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization based in Northport, New York. It was started in 2007 by then-16 year-old Brittany Rostron as a means of commemorating her deceased rescue horse named Sage. Since the inception of the organization, we have rescued over 100 horses from slaughter.

Project Sage Horse Rescue attends auctions and goes to feedlots to purchase horses that would otherwise be sent to slaughter. Inhumane auctions, and specifically the kill pens, are the primary source of Project Sage's rescue horses, although we also accept horses from owner forfeiture and other extenuating circumstances. The horses are repeatedly assessed by a veterinarian and further rehabilitated by us to ensure their health and proper weight.  After the horse is in top condition, the horse is offered for adoption to an appropriate home.

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Prospective adopters are screened to ensure that the horse will be placed in a perfect, loving, forever home. Every horse is adopted out under contract so he/she will never end up back at the auction and is always returnable to Project Sage Horse Rescue. Volunteers conduct visits to the horse's new homes periodically to ensure they are still safe and are being cared for properly.

Project Sage Horse Rescue attends and speaks at many events within the community to educate the public, especially the youth, on the inhumane slaughter and neglect of horses. We would be happy to speak at or attend your event, please contact us to schedule an appearance!

We fund our program primarily through monetary donations, a multitude of annual fundraisers including tack sales and benefit galas, and our generous sponsorship programs. Please contact us if you have an idea to help raise additional funds or would like to become a corporate sponsor of our mission!

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Project Sage is a private facility:



Please send all donations to:

Project Sage Horse Rescue
63 South Waldinger St.
Valley Stream, NY

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The Project Sage Staff will guide you through the entire process of adopting a horse. We will match your riding skills with a horse that's perfect for you. Training is available for you, your horse or both on premises. Our staff prides itself on making sure our horses find the loving homes they so desperately deserve.

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To know what these horses go through drives us each and everyday. The passion we have for these animals is unquestioned. We love all horses! All members of the Project Sage family are dedicated to rescuing, rehabbing and finding homes for as many of these animals as we possibly can.

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Project Sage is committed to rescuing as many abused, neglected and unwanted animals as possible. Once rescued they are treated by our veterinarians and spend at least 30 days at our quarantine barn. There they are treated like royalty. Our horses are part of our family!